Negotiate Your Career Growth

50+ Things You Can Negotiate

October 17, 2023 Jamie Lee Episode 43
Negotiate Your Career Growth
50+ Things You Can Negotiate
Show Notes

There's at least 50+ things you can negotiate in your career beyond starting salary, spanning from equity compensation to getting paid out unused and accrued PTO.

To help you brainstorm and strategize for success, I've compiled a list with links to free articles and resources.

Get it here: 50+ Things You Can Negotiate


As an executive coach for women, I'm super passionate about helping smart women who hate office politics get promoted and better paid. 

I do this through my unique combination of: 

  • Self-directed neuroplasticity tools backed by science 
  • Negotiation strategies proven to work for women by academic research 
  • Intersectional feminist lens that honors women’s real, lived experiences 

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